Shopping Tips

  • Shopping Process

    • Newbie

    • 1. Select product
    • 2. Add to shopping cart
    • 3. Payment and Delivery Methods
    • 4. Fill in the information
    • 5. Checkout
    • 6. Received goods
    • Member shopping

    • 1. Select product
    • 2. Add to shopping cart
    • 3. Member login
    • 4. Payment and Delivery
    • 5. Checkout
    • 6. Received goods
    1. only provide shipping to Malaysia at the moment.
      All orders will be shipped after the confirmation of 
      Be prepared to receive your parcel in approximately 5-15 working days! 
      Please contact us

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  • Payment Method

    1. Credit card/debit card
    2. Online Banking 
  • Return Notice

    1. Please confirm the following merchandise statement is correct within 24 hours after receiving the goods. If correct, open the goods.
    2. Dore Dore attaches great importance to the quality of distribution to ensure that goods arrive in your hands, if the goods are damaged or the content of the goods are incorrect. Please contact the customer service line within 7 days. Packaging in the delivery time, there may be surface fouling accident, if the product itself is no any damages. Please forgive we do not provide the replacement. ※ Overdue as agreed to purchase more than 7 days appreciation period is not accepted.
    3. If you need to return the goods, please contact our customer service to explain and apply for a return.
    4. When applying for return, we will review the case within 3 working days from the day after the application date (the date of application for the holiday is postponed to the commencement date). The
    5. Products will not accept any return after opening the goods.
  • Refund Methods and Precautions

    1. Returns will be refunded for approximately 14 working days. Please wait patiently.
    2. Online credit card order - Refund Method : Credit Card refund the only way after the return of the merchandise confirmed in the appreciation of the correct, will infor the original credit card bank to refun back. However, due to different operating time of each ban, if your credit card closing date is in between this period. That month bill is not printed out in time. Then the refund amount will be displayed in your next month's bill. Please be assured.
  • Regular ordering instructions and notes

    1. When you select a regularly to the mansion project, we will follow the goods and quantities you first subscribe and automatically send to your designated area. The validity period is for the first time you subscribe to your main activity cancellation periodically to the mansion.
    2. If you choose to pay by credit card. It is agreed to authorize by Jusmo Sdn.Bhd to deduct the credit card for each issue before shipment.
    3. The mechanism is designed to pay monthly for the subscription, no prior subscription fee needed.If you wish to cancel the order, please cancel 10 days before the next delivery date. 
    4. If you do not contact us to cancel, we will continue to send you the monthly product.
    5. If you need to change the mailing address, please notify us by phone or E-mail five days before the end of each month. If you fail to complete the change process at the above time, the current product will still be sent to the former site, and the original location will be send on the next delivery date.
    6. The next delivery day is the first delivery day plus the regular delivery period (days) you specify.

If you have any questions, please email to the following customer service mail box, we will handle it as soon as possible.

Customer service email:
Company Name:                 Jusmo Sdn. Bhd.
Company address:           3F,No.94A,Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama,47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Company registration number:1216130V